New customers without active sales

The TOOLPLACE sales team acquires injection molders to use TOOLPLACE services. If the supplier request or project inquiry fits your competence profile, the AI algorithm ensures that this customer inquiry gets forwarded directly to you.

More constant capacity utilization

Especially in busy times, all resources are needed for ongoing projects. TOOLPLACE opens an additional sales channel for you as a toolmaker. This increases the number of suitable inquiries for you, even if you yourself are currently not active in sales.

More insights for strategic decissions

The TOOLPLACE team is active in sales in different industries, regions and markets. If the AI algorithm then assigns inquiries from these customers to you, you as a toolmaker gain valuable insights. So you can adjust the strategic development of your company.

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Use cases toolmaker

As soon as a moldmaker is added to our database, we integrate him into the competence matching with ongoing inquiries from injection molders. This results in the toolmaker receiving inquiries from new customers without having to actively approach these customers in advance.
The matching based on competencies ensures that only technologically suitable project inquiries end up with the toolmaker.
Here, the toolmaker himself decides whether he wants to offer this new project or not.
Of course, the toolmaker can also actively control us by, for example, providing us with a customer list where he would like to win projects.

By providing the toolmaker with requests from companies with which he has no prior relationship, the selection of his potential projects increases. This also increases the likelihood that he will get a better workload in his company.

Normally, the toolmaker moves in his usual customer and industry environment. Because Toolplace itself is active in acquisition, the toolmaker has the opportunity to gain insights into new industries, regions and customer structures. From this he can derive input for the strategic business development.


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