This was also the case between Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau eG and TOOLPLACE GmbH.

I have been following the activities of Marktspiegel for a long time and have a regular exchange with the people in the background.

From the first minute in the first conversation I felt the passion and the will for improvement for our tool making and injection molding industry with which Melanie Fritsch, Jens Luedtke and the many other experts carry out their daily work.

The transparency of the collected key figures and the recognizable market situation behind them were at that time one of the final motivation pushes, which I still needed for the foundation step for TOOLPLACE GmbH.

Therefore I am all the more pleased that TOOLPLACE GmbH is now also a sponsor at Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau eG.

You don’t know Marktspiegel-Werkzeugbau yet? Then have a look at the link in the first comment.

Melanie thank you for the nice picture.

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