Win more projects

The AI algorithm can add additional, technologically suitable toolmakers from the TOOLPLACE database to your project requests. This gives you a broader market view and increases the chance that you can meet your customer’s targets.

Simplify procurement

The TOOLPLACE inquiry software was developed specifically for project inquiries of injection molds. Many administrative tasks of this important process, e.g. the creation of the quotation summary, can be significantly simplified as a result.

Find targeted toolmakers

The competences of the toolmakers registered with TOOLPLACE have been included in our database and verified by our experts on site. The database enables a quick and targeted search for the suitable toolmakers.

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Use cases Plastics Processors

When using the Toolplace Inquiry Service, you can integrate matching toolmakers from the Toolplace database into your project inquiries. This ensures that additional offers are available for the same project request and thus the market situation regarding prices, delivery times and technical concepts offers more choice.

The additional advantage of this is that some of the TOOLPLACE toolmakers do not come from the injection molder’s environment, so there may be different technical solutions as well as significant differences in price levels.

Mold requests involve many process and communication steps, as well as quite a bit of administrative work.

The Toolplace Inquiry Software has been specially developed for the tendering of injection moulding projects. The processor can concentrate on the essentials and is relieved of a whole range of administrative tasks. The inquiry process is always the same and can be documented and filed in the same way.

Administrative facilitations are for example:

  • Use of the Toolplace database to add additional toolmakers audited by TOOLPLACE to the request.
  • A preliminary comparison is automatically generated for all offers. The structure of the preliminary comparison can be defined in advance.
  • If the entered project data is changed by the customer, an update is automatically sent to all toolmakers who are still in the inquiry round.
    Toolmakers are automatically reminded to submit the quotation.

Finding a specific toolmaker for a new technology is very time-consuming. In most cases, this is not possible via a normal search. By using the Toolplace competence profiles, we can very easily find suitable toolmakers and provide customers with the contact data.

The mold maker in our database are all located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and are well known for their innovative solutions and hich quality.

During the onboarding process into the TOOLPLACE-database one of our experts visits each mold maker onsite and is performing a technologically audit. Therefore we can guarantee, that we can supply correct supplier information and technologically correct matches to your enquiry.


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