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With just one click, our advanced AI algorithm adds the optimal toolmakers from our TOOLPLACE database to your tool request. Each toolmaker has been checked by us for their technological expertise and personally visited by our tool specialists. This saves you the time-consuming search for suppliers and
benefit quickly and easily from additional offers.

  • Offers from new toolmakers with just one click

  • Certified toolmakers visited on site

Digitize procurement

Say goodbye to time-consuming e-mail exchanges with your suppliers and the confusion of different data statuses. Our customized digital solution, specially designed for tool requests, offers you a clear overview of every tool request. With just a few clicks, you can go from specifying your request to successfully placing your tool order.

  • No time-consuming e-mail exchanges with suppliers

  • All data and versions in one place

  • Specially tailored to the request for injection molds

Fully integrated in your environment

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your current systems, which not only increases efficiency and ensures data integrity, but also optimizes the user experience while reducing time and costs. Contact us for a customized integration into your IT infrastructure – our digital experts are here to help and advise you.

  • Seamless integration into existing systems

  • Individual integration by our IT team on request

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How it works

  • You start the mold request creation in your account
  • You follow the 6-step process and describe your tool request
  • You decide whether you want to add your project-specific Non-Disclosure-Agreement to the enquiry
  • You can configure and detail the cost-break-down structure individually for each enquiry
  • All your existing suppliers can be invited to your tool enquiry and receive free guest access
  • If you would like to spread your enquiry more widely in the market or if you do not know enough suitable toolmakers, you can use the TOOLPLACE moldmaker pool. Our AI-based competence matching ensures technologically suitable suppliers
  • You receive direct contact details of all toolmakers, so that you can clarify technological and commercial details of the enquiries bilaterally
  • You can compare the offers of the toolmakers directly after they have arrived in the TOOLPLACE portal, depending on your selected cost-break-down structure
  • The integrated Excel export enables a quick and targeted download of all offers and comparison contents
  • You can negotiate individually with each toolmaker
  • The final supplier can be nominated via TOOLPLACE
  • For your documentation and internal further processing you can download all enquiry information together

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Use cases Plastics Processors

When using the Toolplace Inquiry Service, you can integrate matching toolmakers from the Toolplace database into your project inquiries. This ensures that additional offers are available for the same project request and thus the market situation regarding prices, delivery times and technical concepts offers more choice.

The additional advantage of this is that some of the TOOLPLACE toolmakers do not come from the injection molder’s environment, so there may be different technical solutions as well as significant differences in price levels.

Mold requests involve many process and communication steps, as well as quite a bit of administrative work.

The Toolplace Inquiry Software has been specially developed for the tendering of injection moulding projects. The processor can concentrate on the essentials and is relieved of a whole range of administrative tasks. The inquiry process is always the same and can be documented and filed in the same way.

Administrative facilitations are for example:

  • Use of the Toolplace database to add additional toolmakers audited by TOOLPLACE to the request.
  • A preliminary comparison is automatically generated for all offers. The structure of the preliminary comparison can be defined in advance.
  • If the entered project data is changed by the customer, an update is automatically sent to all toolmakers who are still in the inquiry round.
    Toolmakers are automatically reminded to submit the quotation.

Finding a specific toolmaker for a new technology is very time-consuming. In most cases, this is not possible via a normal search. By using the Toolplace competence profiles, we can very easily find suitable toolmakers and provide customers with the contact data.

The mold maker in our database are all located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and are well known for their innovative solutions and hich quality.

During the onboarding process into the TOOLPLACE-database one of our experts visits each mold maker onsite and is performing a technologically audit. Therefore we can guarantee, that we can supply correct supplier information and technologically correct matches to your enquiry.

Through TOOLPLACE we sought alternative quotes for a project where we were to supply injection moulded parts to the customer.

We were very surprised that with the TOOLPLACE supplier pool we were able to achieve a price advantage for the project scope (injection mould + component production) of over 20%, despite the fact that the supplier came from Germany.

As the price/performance ratio was at a very high level, we will continue to use TOOLPLACE for our project enquiries in the future.

Korbinian Kirschner, Project Manager, Create GmbH

Dietz Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG offers complete solutions from a single source for its customers in the injection moulding sector. Many customers appreciate our short response times and extensive expertise in the fields of design, mould making and injection moulding.

In our day-to-day business, we are increasingly confronted with the challenge of needing new partners in the area of mould making at short notice due to changing customer requirements.

In such cases, we are happy to work with TOOLPLACE, as the TOOLPLACE supplier pool saves us a lot of tedious research and visit time.

The speed and support of TOOLPLACE is first class.

Polymold is an owner-managed company in the field of plastic injection moulding and toolmaking. Our focus is on efficient solutions for customers in the medical technology sector.

What I particularly like about working with the TOOLPLACE enquiry tool is that it is so intuitive and easy to use. The enquiry documents are entered and sent within a few minutes, which saves me time in my daily work.

The toolmakers assigned to our enquiries respond quickly and offer according to our requirements. After the first round of quotations, we can then go straight into direct discussions with the suppliers who would be the best fit for our potential project. This saves us a time-consuming supplier search in advance.

Jan Patzer, Geschäftsführer Crafting Future

Fast, uncomplicated and goal-oriented. That’s how I would describe the cooperation with TOOLPLACE.

For a customer project, we were looking for a suitable supplier for injection molds and prototype production. With the help of the Toolplace inquiry tool, we specified our needs and within a few days we already had several offers. We also liked the fact that we could make direct contact with the toolmakers. This meant that any queries could be clarified quickly.

We will therefore gladly continue to use the service of TOOLPLACE!

Bernhard Mayr NCTE

For a development project, we needed a new supplier at short notice for an injection mold and initial prototype parts. Within a few days, TOOLPLACE provided us with a contact whose competencies exactly matched the small special component we wanted to implement.
The collaboration was very focused and efficient. We will gladly use the services of TOOLPLACE again.


We had received a promising inquiry from a customer. However, their manufacturing technology required special toolmaking expertise that our pool of suppliers did not cover.
TOOLPLACE not only helped us to clearly specify the requirements, but also very quickly provided us with the appropriate toolmaker contacts. This enabled us to meet the customer’s tight timeframe and bid the project.

Ulrich Jecmeniza, Business Development, LS Hybrid Solutions GmbH

For one of our projects, we needed a toolmaker with specific skills. Since we had to act quickly, we did not have time to go into the time-consuming search for a suitable supplier ourselves. Therefore, we used TOOLPLACE and were able to identify several suitable toolmakers quickly and easily. A great experience that saved us a lot of effort. After this great experience, we will approach TOOLPLACE more often in the future!


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